Turn your purchasing stats into profits

Use your purchasing stats to reduce supply chain inefficiencies, boost your profitability and provide attractive invoice financing to your suppliers

How does it work?

Quartix buys from your suppliers invoices that you, the customer, have already approved. Quartix will collect from you upon invoice maturity, so you don’t pay a day too early!

Your benefits

Reduce purchasing costs
Save up to 1.5% on each invoice via Quartix’s referral program
Boost working capital
Pay later and boost working capital 
by up to 15%
Strengthen supply-chain
Stronger, better performance
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Your suppliers’ benefits

Affordable finance rates
Your purchasing stats reduce Quartix's risk, which support affordable rates to your suppliers
Only a few mouse clicks to submit a request (no credit underwriting needed)
Funds are received within 24-48 hours

Why Quartix?

no customer fees / cash used
a plug & play experience
On-Going Operation
seamless, fully controlled
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